New Dad Gifts That Are Must-Have Items

Youre a new dad. Your world has turned upside down but in a good way. Its easy to turn it right side up by taking control again but youre going to need a little help.

Thats where these things come in handy theyre the must-haves for every new dad. From apps and books, to bags and USB plugs, these five products are perfect for the new dad.

The Wolfpack App

Wolfpack App

Congratulations on your new kid and so sorry to hear that youve lost all of your single friends, kid-less friends or any friend who doesnt feel like hearing about how your kid is a genius or how hes change your life or about your kid PERIOD.

The Wolfpack app is perfect for finding new friends to hang out with especially friends interested in your kids because theyve got kids of their own. Heres how the app works: after you sign up, you list your hobbies, interests and a few other details and then you can either sign up to attend a Wolfpack event or create your own event.

Like maybe you’re looking to grab a brew and watch the game or you want to know where the best kid parks are, Wolfpack is the way to go.Download the app now!

A versatile Diaper Bag

You need your own bag. Your bag with your stuff for the baby. You dont want to be lugging around a purse in the middle of a crowded mall or when its your turn to take the kid for a check-up. Here are some bags that say youre a dad, but more importantly, still a dude.

Amazon Fire Stick

Say goodbye to every single TV show you love. Say goodbye to catching new movies in the first year of release. Say goodbye to knowing anything about reality TV, scripted TV or TV that doesnt involve Disney characters. Since youre going to have to watch TV on your downtime (HA! Down time. It doesnt exist but) a product like the Amazon Fire Stick is perfect. Its TV and movies when you want it and its an even better deal if youre an Amazon Prime member.Get it now!

A good pair of sunglasses


The reason to have a solid pair of sunglasses or perhaps numerous pair are two-fold. First, youre going to find yourself in countless situations involving mother nature. Maybe youre out walking the kid for the tenth time in the day because its the only thing that gets him to sleep.

Maybe youre out at a playground or playdate. Maybe you didnt sleep the night before because, you know, a baby that doesnt stop crying. A pair of shades will keep the sun out of your bloodshot eyes and will keep other parents from thinking oh man, that guy does some serious partying when the kid goes to sleep. I recommend these specs.

The New Dad Dictionary

I mean come on, did you think I wasnt going to plug my own book? Get it now!


Hunter S. Thompson Notebook

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