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People Are Showing Off Childhood Blankets They Still Sleep With And The Results Are Weird But Comforting

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The blanket that covered my bed as a kid is in my hall closet.

I’ll use the cover occasionally when I’m laying on the couch.

Sometimes I’ll let the kids use the 40+-year-old blanket to lay with or build a fort.

A few corners are torn, but for the most part, the blanket is in decent shape.

I have an odd connection to the blanket, but if I lost it tomorrow, I’d be fine, and life would go on.

There are some adults, however, who still sleep with their childhood blanket every night. The quilts look as though they’ve spent a night or two in a woodchipper.

Those baby blanket loyalists are posting videos of their favorite woobies and blankies to TikTok.

The trend started with TikTok user @coreyxnathaniel explains BuzzFeed.


BABY BLANKET CHECKKKKK #fyp #4u #babyblanket #xposedmyself

♬ original sound – coreyxnathaniel

His video apparently gave others the confidence to share their dirty little secrets, and the results are cute, but honestly…not too aesthetically pleasing.

Gabbi Sylvanna Naturman has had her blanket since birth, a gift from great-grandmother, and she sleeps with it every night under her pillow.


i think i win the baby blanket challenge, wbu??? #fyp #babyblankets #blanketchallenge This took 21 years of devotion, taking my blanket everywhere

♬ original sound – coreyxnathaniel

Here are a few more baby blanket lovers.


His name is Friend don’t come for me #petlife #bestfandom OpenForDelivery #workdistractions #siblingcheck #foryoupage #fyp

♬ original sound – coreyxnathaniel


Never felt so called out by an audio before… I’m 26 lol #ButterGlossPop #gamingszn #fyp

♬ original sound – coreyxnathaniel


i’m just glad it’s not just me, also used to be 3 small blankets and now it’s just this

♬ original sound – coreyxnathaniel

These blankets are shredded but oddly comforting and I totally understand the loyalty.

Do you still sleep with a baby blanket you’ve had since birth?

[via BuzzFeed]


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