Couple Reveals Baby Gender By Murdering A Baseball

Baby Gender Reveal Baseball Couple
David Swayze Photography

Monique and Steven, two huge baseball fans,decided to use an innocent baseball to reveal the gender of their pending bundle. With the kid scheduled toslide head-first out of mom’s vagina in a couple months, right around the time pitchers and catchers report, the couple though “whatbetter wayto tell the world the baby genderbut with a good old fashioned baseball murdering.”

So the excited couplegot together with photographer David Swayze, found acompany willing to stuff a baseball full of either blue or pink powder, and headed out to a localball fieldwith friends, family and probably one old relative constantly asking “where the hell are we going” over and over and explaining how in his day people waited 8 months to tell people they were pregnant because of superstition and witchcraft and does something smell funny? Check his pants for poop. They all watched from the side during the baby gender reveal heard round the world.

Baby Gender Baseball Reveal

Dad steps up to the plate, waits for his perfectpitch, takes a big and mighty swing and BLAMMO!

Baby Gender Baseball Reveal
David Swayze Photography

Congrats to the new parents and good job dad. I absolutely would have whiffed in that moment. I would have missed, or tipped it, causing the ball to tear and let out just a puff of color. The massive moment of FAIL would have been forever frozen in a photo.

That’s why instead of doing a baby gender reveal involving sports, the Permanent Roommate and I chose to just tell people the sex of the baby. It obviously wasn’t as memorable as this reveal. We did tell everyone the baby gender on a baseball field though. I’m still not sure whybut probably because I love metal bleachers. We made he kid underneath them so it only made sense.

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