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Every Parent Needs The Amazing B37 Massage Gun From Ekrin Athletics

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(The following post is sponsored by Ekrin Athletics)

I’ve been doing a workout program that involves two 45 workouts per day for the last two months. The first workout is a 5-mile run. The second workout involves weight training.

The second workout typically involves working out at home. These workouts include kettlebell exercises, dumbbells exercises, push-ups, and random upper body work.

I can run every day and never get sore. Lifting weights every day typically leaves me feeling sore and ready to give up weight training for a few weeks. I was really struggling with workout out every day, and then I found the B37 Percussion Massager from Ekrin Athletics.

The B37 massager has been a GAME CHANGER.

The B37 provides a deep muscle treatment like I’ve ever felt before. After just a few minutes with the B37 Percussion Massager, I start to feel better, move better, and recover faster.

This Percussion Massager from Ekrin offers 5 different speeds and uses up to 56 pounds of force. It comes with 4 different heads to offer a highly targeted massage, and the ergonomic design makes it even easier to hit those tough-to-reach spots.

Best of all, the B37 comes with a handy travel case so that you can use the massager anywhere. I took it on vacation with me and used it after mountain climbing and trail running all day.

We’d all love to visit our massage therapist every week but time and budget constraints often make that impossible. The B37 is a massage therapist right in your own home.

This massager also helps with those noises we all make. You know the sound. You make it every time you get up out of your chair, out of the car, or out of bed in the morning, or just moving around the house.

It’s that UUUUGGHHHHHHHH noise to express how your legs, neck, back, and joints feel from being in one position too long. Your kids make fun of you for that sound.

If you’re a weekend athlete or can’t move around as well anymore, you know those noises all too well.

I made those noises often, and then I got the B37.

ekrin athletics best massage gun

Here are a few key features of the B37 massager from Ekrin:

  • Up to 56 lbs. of force
  • Ultra Quiet Technology
  • Travel Case Included
  • 5 Speeds, 4 Attachments
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Premium Materials
  • 8 Hour Battery Life

There’s never been a better time to get yourself a percussion massager from Ekrin. I’m telling you, you WON’T be disappointed, especially since I’m partnering with them to offer my followers a special discount.

Just head over to, get yourself a B37 or any of their awesome massagers, and use the promo code NOTES20 to get 20% off your order.

It’s that simple. The promo code will get you 20% off anything on the website.

And don’t just take my word for it. Check out just some of the over 800 positive reviews on the Ekrin website.

“First experience with a massage gun, definitely worth the purchase. Been foam rolling for years, didn’t know what I was missing!” – BK C


“I read a load of reviews researching percussion massagers. Then I came to Ekrin Athletics. I was extremely impressed with what I read, company profile, details on the construction durability, and more. So I jumped in and got it.

What a beautiful machine! It is quiet enough to have a regular conversation. Even on the highest setting, the battery lives forever, it seems, and the different attachments are perfect. Solid construction! I have sciatica issues, and my trapezius muscle is always knotted up.

This machine does so well in digging into the issues and relieving the pressure and pains. I did a demo on my buddy’s neck, and he bought it the next day and is so happy with it too. Very impressed so far with this product, and I highly recommend it.

Don’t waste your money on other brand names that charge outlandish prices.

This is the real deal, and it is highly affordable—best bang for the buck on the market in my opinion!” – Jody C.


“This massager feels so good on those stubborn, hard-to-stretch muscles. I only wish I bought it sooner!” – Michael B

I also suggest getting other people to help. It’s way more fun when someone else is holding the B37 massage gun.

Massage gun best new 2021

It’s time to stop making those weird noises, especially in front of strangers. Head over to, buy yourself the B37, and use the promo code NOTES20 for 20% off.

Your body will thank you.

Your massage therapist probably won’t.

Chris Illuminati is a freelance writer and published author. Follow him on Twitter (@chrisilluminati), Instagram (@messagewithabottle) or email him at

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