6 Beloved Carnival Games And How They’re Ripping Parents The Hell Off

As the summer season winds down, let’s stop and think about all the money wasted on boardwalk and carnival games. No, really, let’s stop and think about how we dropped a couple hundred bucks either to come up empty handed or to walk away with crap prizes not even worth taking home.

Carnival games are absolutely rigged. We all (hopefully) know this but I’ve often wondered exactly how some of these games are designed to just take a rubes money. I came across this quick post by Peter Fenton about how carnival games are rigged.Some of the tricks are obvious but more than a few are even shadier than I realized.

Here are sixclassic and beloved carnival games ripping you off and exactly how they’re doing it. So the next time you get duped (because we’ll all have to play again because KIDS) you can at least throw it in the guy’s face that you know what’s going on.

Guess Your Weight

Carnival Games

Duck Pond

Crane Games

Milk Bottle Game

Balloon Bust


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