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People Are Going Crazy Over This Cereal Box Folding Trick And Now I Have To Try It

cereal box folding trick

“I saw it on TikTok” might be the new “I found it on Pinterest” when people explain where they saw in hacks and tricks.

Over on BroBible, I wrote about the super-easy way to remove the gross white tendon from chicken breasts and the real reason behind the shape of McDonald’s McFlurry straws.

Both of those revelations came from TikTok videos.

Today, I learned about the magic of folding cereal boxes.

I read a bunch of DIY websites and I have to admit that unlike the two other hacks I never realized cereal box folding is a thing people do.

I just put my cereal boxes back into the cabinet like the regular fella.



Check out this cool thing I learned from FB today. #foldthecerealboxin #nomorestalecereal #fyp #momslearningfrommoms #letshelpeachotherout

♬ original sound – micklanie

Here’s another demonstration, in case your mind is too blown to hit the replay button on the last video.


Sooo this happened… quarantine things…#foodfam #gotthisforyou #MakeMomSmile #dontletthisflop #foryou #fyp #duetthis

♬ Boom Bababom Pow – officialbearr

Now, the reason behind the origami-style storage for Captain Crunch or Frosted Mini-Wheats.

Um, yeah, I still have no idea. Maybe it’s a space saver? Maybe it keeps the cereal from spilling?

Maybe we’re all so bored in self-isolation this is now how to pass time?

I don’t know.

The only thing I do know is you’re going to go try this right now because you’ve got nothing else to do.


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