Dad Style: How To Choose The Perfect Outfit For Any Occasion

As a stylish individual that cares about how you look, youve probably had this dilemma where certain days you just feel on top of the world and like youre just rocking the most stylish outfits. Other days, not so much.

In this video, from Teaching Men’s Fashion, the goal is to help guys choose a stylish outfit every single time.

How to Choose the Perfect Outfit

Tip #1: Develop a Uniform

My first tip to you guys is going to be to develop a uniform. This doesnt mean that youre going to be always wearing the same exact pieces every single day. But, what it means is to find certain items that you know looks good consistently and use that more often.

For example, Im always talking to you guys about a tailored pair of dark jeans, but just something that isnt highly distressed or all torn up and that fits perfectly. Theyre highly versatile. They make you look amazing. And, you can wear them consistently without people thinking, Whoa. Those are the only pants that guy has. Find those certain pieces and develop your personal uniform.

I have it down pat to where I know what looks good and what looks tailored. And, like I said, you dont always have to wear this, but its a good safety net to know that you can easily pick out those key pieces and look great.

Tip #2: Find the right accessories

Now, within that same train of thought, brings you to the second tip, and its to pick key accessory pieces. Having to shuffle through all your watches, all your bracelets, all your tie clips, every single morning, is super time-consuming. Those little details end up adding up and having to make all these little decisions about your outfit, youre increasing your chances of ruining your outfit.

For example, one accessory thats not up for discussion is a watch. I think a watch is that safety net accessory for men that you could not wear necklaces or bracelets or earrings, but a watch, a watch is a must for any man.

Now, a good example of one of these key watches, because you want to find the right design, is this one from Vincero. What I like about Vincero is that I feel its more for the dapper gentleman thats looking for kind of a classic approach to a watch. Its still a very simple watch that you can wear with jeans, but its a little more dapper and more dressy.

Tip #3: The shoes are the key

The third thing you want to really focus in on is your shoes.

To me, shoes are like the groundwork, kind of like a building. Without a good groundwork or a good foundation, you have a weak building, aka a weak and unstylish outfit. Really make sure you focus in on your shoes.

I think, when it comes to shoes, this is an area where you really cant cut corners and go super cheap, whether it be sneakers, loafers, leather shoes or boots. You really want to focus in on a good quality, well-built shoe because thats going to enhance your overall outfit.

Areally good pro tip when it comes to shoes is that you really want to show them off. This is whats going to set apart your outfit from your unstylish peer.

Make sure you pair them with a good pair of tailored trousers thats going to show off your shoe, not some trousers that are oversized and baggy and just swallow up your shoe.

Tip #4: Pay attention to color

And, number four is something that I think a lot of us are a victim of, and its not paying close attention to the colors that we choose. Most of the time, we just pick outfits based upon the actual item and dont pay attention to the color of that item and know if it actually looks good against our skin.

Choosing a color that doesnt look good against your skin can completely ruin your outfit and just not make you look good.

First, you need to understand what your undertone is. Just look at the veins on your wrist. Usually, most of you guys have it. If you see a greenish color, youre a warm undertone. If you see more of a bluish color in your veins, youre a cool undertone.

Once you know your undertone, you want to start using pieces that complement that and contrast your undertone.

For example, if youre a cool undertone, youre going to want to avoid cool colors like pastels or bright colors or light colors, because its just going to wash you out and make you look pale. Instead, go for darker colors that give you a nice contrast.

Tip #5: Learn to carry yourself better

And, to end all of this off, none of this would matter without tip number five, and thats just how you carry yourself and the presence that you exude. If you have the confidence to pull all of this off, you will look good in every single outfit that you pull off. Its just going to look stylish on you because thats just how you carry yourself.

If youre always doubting yourself, whether you look good or you just dont feel good in your own skin, chances are youre going to exude that mentality in the way you carry yourself, and you wont come across as stylish or an attractive individual.

Confidence is very important, and its something that we always talk about on this channel because its a trait that youre going to need across all your life. And, if you want to look stylish or be seen as a stylish individual, you got to make sure that you carry yourself right, and you promote that confidence.

Why Every Dad Should Consider Shopping At Second-Hand Stores

The rise in second-hand and consignment shopping is old news, but while there tends to be a greater focus on women, retailers say interest among men for discounted, designer duds are clearly there.

Whether youre adadchecking out the consignment sale scene or are just trying to tighten your belt and save a few bucks clothes, consignment sales continue to be the frugal preferred way to shop. But if youre new to the consigning, it can be quite overwhelming.

We askedLorena Shiff, The Consignment Princess, to share shopping tips and advice for men that are interested in getting on the consignmentbandwagon.

Lets start by saying that men even though they should Men dont like buying second hand, explained Lorena.Today, men can get the same pieces in a second-hand or consignment store that they can get new in a store at 10-20 percent of its retail value! With that price difference, men should learn how to buy consignment and save lots ofmoney.

Lorena shared some great consignment shopping tips, but before we begin, a little explanationabout what exactly a consignmentstore does.

What does second-hand store shopping for men mean and why should they consider it when shopping?

First off, lets discuss the actual idea of a consignment deal. What exactly does consignment mean? A consignment is an arrangement in which goods are left in the possession of another party to sell. Typically, the consignor receives a percentage of the revenue from the sale (sometimes a very large percentage). Consignment deals are made on a variety of products, such as artwork, clothing and accessories, and books.

Because the seller and the store want to makea profit, the prices will be a little higher BUT much lower than a person would typically pay in retail for the same item.

What should men look for when second-hand shopping?

For beginners, Lorena suggestsstarting with the easy pieces like jeans, a tie if you need one, belts. If you are already advanced in this area and have tried this niche you already know that the best deals are in the shoes, shirts, jackets and suits and unique pieces. What to do?

More second-hand store shopping tips for men:

  • Use common sense and buy from a reputable seller. Make sure they have a clear return policy.
  • Know your size and measurements. Make sure you know your size in US and EU sizing and your measurements. This way there is a zero chance you will go wrong. If you dont know how to measure yourself or dont want to then buy brands that you are familiar or go to the store and try the sizes in the different brands so you know your size.
  • Seek disclosure.While looking at items for sale make sure seller provides lots of images, measurements, and tags.Make sure that items are authenticated.Vague descriptions are big question marks.If you are in a brick and mortar store even better.

Here are some second-hand store items that guys should be on the lookout for when consignment shopping.

  • Jeans Men usually wear the same style over and over. They might go thru some different color combinations but men unlike most women will stick to that one style. Once you know your style you can buy them on consignment at about $40-50 a piece while a new pair of designer jeans starts at $250-350 ranking up to the $900 for the high-end designer brand.
  • Ties Ties have the lowest resale value on consignment and all the consignment stores that sell them you will see they look brand new!!! Why pay the retail price for a Hermes Tie when you can buy one second-hand for about $50-75. If you go for Gucci or Armani we are already talking $30-50. So thats a no-brainer. You dont need to know much about ties to buy one that you love in your desired designer brand.
  • Belts How can you go wrong with a belt, even if its second hand. Looking around you can see that black belts even high-end designer ones are up for grabs at ridiculous prices! For example, a crocodile belt that retailed on its peak for $2000 is sold for $200 (Dior Homme). That is amazing! Especially if you are looking for special pieces that have almost no resale value.

Those are the easy pieces and Im sure that men can get the hang of it!

As far as shirts, jackets, suits and unique pieces you will find amazing deals but there are some caveats. Be on the lookout for the following:

  • Items that you cant wash ex. dry clean only might be susceptible to BO.
  • Underarms area make sure its not discoloration or stained.
  • Suits make sure they are not altered and if so make sure it fits you. Even if you can buy an Armani suit for $200 but it doesnt fit, that is a waste.
  • Uniques pieces might be a big red flag for fakes. So know your stuff or trust your seller.

For more great tips, check outLorenas Worth.


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