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Dad Threads: Tropical Bros.

Tropical Bros Dad Clothes

This past Saturday, in my hometown smack in the middle of New Jersey, the temperature reached only 42 degrees.

In May.

I’d like to speak to a manager. This is unacceptable.

Being a sudden shut-in is torture enough. Winter dragging into Spring is the work of the devil.

I understand spring and summer cometh but not fasteth enough in some parts of the country.

For those dads freezing their hackysacks off in the middle of May, there’s Tropical Bros. – clothing created for a tropical state of mind.

This Chicago-based clothing brand makes superior Hawaiian shirts, swim trunks, golf polos with vibrant colors and prints.

They just launched some fun partnerships with Natty Light and even created a Joe Exotic-inspired bathing suit (and I own a pair).

Best of all, I’m partnering with the Bros. and they’re offering a 20% discount on your first order.

Just put BOTTLE20 in at checkout to collect.

These shorts, polos, and button-down shirts make a great Father’s Day gift.

Here are my favorite dad threads from the Tropical Bros. collection that will make any dad feel like summer is just around the corner.

Tiger Mania Swimsuit: Tropical Bros. came out running in 2020 with a brand new lineup of swimsuits. “Tiger Mania” takes style to the next level. Blow away your next pool party, boat ride, or a beach trip with this swimsuit. Perfect above the knee length.

Naturdays Party Time Shirt: Tropical Bros. teamed up with Natural Light and ***NATURDAYS*** to give you the best of the best – limited edition Hawaiian Shirt.

Flamingo Sunset Tee: Check out this dope design. Limited edition while supplies last in 2020. Perfect above the knee length providing for the ultimate flexibility and stretch.

Pineapple Men’s Short Sleeve Tee: Tropical Bros pineapple party summer tee works with a pair of shorts, a bathing suit, or a banana hammock.

The Kramer Hawaiian Shirt: 100% Brand new material for 2020.  After 2 years of rigorous testing Tropical Bros. excited to finally release our multi-directional super stretch fabric Hawaiian shirts.  The shirts lay smooth, promote whooshing airflow, are durable for the most intense activities, and send out the Tropical Vibes!



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