New & Original 40th Birthday Gift Ideas For Dads

Need a gift for dad’s 40th birthday? Here are some unique ideas that you probably haven’t thought of, perfect for any father.

“Life really does begin at forty. Up until then, you are just doing research.” – Carl G. Jung

Life begins at 40 and this milestone birthday marks the entry into life’s “middle age.” Dad is celebrating four great decades of life and experiences while planning for the next 40 years (and hopefully more).

One more year in the books. One more candle on top of the cake. This one is a milestone – dad’s 40th birthday – so there’s a little more pressure involved in gift giving and party planning. At this age, buying a gift for dad is tough because men usually have all they want or need, and if they don’t, dad typically buys it form himself at some point during the year.

The best 40th birthday gifts for dad should celebrate his interests and expand his horizons.

He’s older, wiser, and as Jules Renard said: “We don’t understand life any better at forty than at twenty, but we know it and admit it.”

Here are some new gifts for dad to mark this 40th birthday.

Gifts For Dad’s 40th Birthday: Crates Of New Stuff


Why get dad one single gift for his 40th birthday when an entire crate of goodies is available?!?

ManCrates offers countless crates created specifically for dads who love eating, drinking, grilling, golfing, beef jerky, building and just about every activity.

Man Crates helps celebrate dad with unique and exciting gifts that hell be thrilled to receive.

Gifts For Dad’s 40thBirthday: A New Cooler


The celebration on dad’s 40th birthday will likely involve more than a few cold ones. If dad is still carrying around a $10 cooler from the local grocery store, it’s time to up his beer toting game.

The answer is Otterbox.

OtterBoxs coolers are adaptable and ready for action, whether that means a chartered fishing trip or a weekend in the woods. Dad will use this cooler again and again for his next 40 years of life.

Gifts For Dad’s 40thBirthday: Basket Of Books

If dad is a voracious reader, a basket of new books makes the perfect 40th birthday gift. Especially if those books are on the topics are on the topics of self-improvement. A few popular titles include Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out Of Your Head And Into Your Life, You Are A Badass, and The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fu*k.

Gifts For Dad’s 40th Birthday:A New Wallet

If dad hasn’t replaced his wallet in over 40 years, his 40th birthday might be the best time to gift him with a new way to hold his money, ID and credit cards.

Gifts For Dad’s 40th Birthday:Small Batch Beer Making Kit

Maybe dad’s a beer lover and has long toyed with the idea of creating his own homebrew. If that’s the case, this small batch beer making kit is the perfect 40th birthday gift.

Handcrafted from rustic pine, this compact small batch beer making kit gives dad all the basics to brew one gallon of tasty beer – about 10 bottles – and the set includes 4, 5-ounce sampler glasses and coasters.

The small batch beer making kit comes with a full set of instructions and recipes. The hidden compartments give dad access to all the equipment when he needs it and keep it all neat and out of sight when he’s not brewing.

Gifts For Dad’s 40th Birthday:Personal History Canvas


Send dad back in time without the Delorean. Instead, get him this awesome Personal History Canvas to see what the world was like the day dad was born.

This slice of history includes top news stories, sports, movies, a personal horoscope and more.

The canvas includes dad’s name on the top and a sawtooth hanger for easy hanging anywhere in the house.


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