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Former Disney World Worker Explains 4 Things Parents Need To Stop Wasting Money On At The Parks

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With theme parks opening up to full capacity sometime soon, millions of families will be making the pilgrimage to see the Mouse and his group of friends.

Visiting any Disney theme parks can be pricy, but this article from a former Disney employee could help people save a couple of bucks on their next trip.

Kayleigh Price worked at Disney World for two years. She discovered more than a few ways to save money in the parks.

Here are a few of her penny-pinching suggestions.

Don’t Buy Bottled Water

No, Kayleigh doesn’t want you to stop drinking water in the Florida heat, but she does want people to stop buying expensive bottles of water.

“Water is essential to any Disney World park day because spending time in the Florida heat can leave you dehydrated.

But instead of buying a $5 bottle of water every time you’re thirsty – and trust me, you’ll be thirsty – you can go to any quick-service dining location around the parks and ask for a free cup of water.

I remember when I worked on Casey’s Corner on Main Street in Magic Kingdom, we would have trays of cups filled with ice water on hot days so they’d be ready to hand out.

Take advantage of this. Depending on the size of your group and how many days you’re spending in the parks, this could save you hundreds of dollars by the end of your trip.

You could also bring a water bottle of your own and fill it up at any of the water fountains around the property. I recommend this so you’ll always have a cold beverage by your side in the hot Florida sun.”

Skip Buying PhotoPass

We’ve all paid for PhotoPass because who doesn’t want all the photos from your entire trip. It also avoids the hassle of pulling out the camera every time you want to capture a magical moment.

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Kayleigh suggests skipping the PhotoPass option but taking advantage of the PhotoPass workers.

“Every PhotoPass employee can take pictures for you from your personal device, like a phone or camera. All you have to do is ask.

This goes for photos anywhere, from in front of the park icons to character meet and greets. And you can get all the beautiful photos you want for free.”

Choose A Cheaper Disney Resort

“If your sole purpose of staying at Disney is to go to the parks every day, why would you spend all of your money on a resort when you won’t even be there for the majority of your trip?” asks Kayleigh.

One of the quickest ways to cut down your Disney bill is to choose a cheaper accommodation with some offering rooms for as little as $150 a night.

“All the Disney resorts offer free buses to the parks, water parks, and other resorts. And even the cheapest options have fun themes, dining locations, and swimming pools.”

Parking Can Be Free If You Put In The Effort

This suggestion is for the people driving in for the day or even a week – don’t pay to park at one of the theme parks.

“First, parking at Disney Springs (the big shopping and dining center at Disney World) is free, so if you’re going there first to shop or eat, you can hop on one of the free Disney buses to the resorts and transfer to a bus to the parks.

If you’re only looking to go into the parks for a short time, you can also skirt the parking fee by making a breakfast reservation at any of the Disney resorts. Of course, that means you’ll have to pay for breakfast, but if you need food anyway, you may as well kill two birds with one stone.”

Kayleigh has other helpful suggestions, including buying and trading pins, buying Disney merch, and getting shirts and clothing before your trip.

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