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Divorced Couple Explains Cool Reason They Still Take Family Photos Together

divorced couple family photos

The other day, we posted an article about a mom who still appreciates all the amazing things her ex-husband does for her and her young son.

Today, we found a piece about a mom and dad who take the entire co-parenting idea one step further – they still pose for family portraits together each year.

Adam and Victoria are divorced. In a set of photos that Baldwin submitted to the Love What Matters Facebook page, Victoria wrote about why she and her ex-husband still pose together for family photos.

“The top two photos were taken when Adam and I were married. The bottom two, taken nearly one year and over two years after our divorce was finalized.

We are not in love, we don’t always agree, we’re not best friends, sometimes we don’t even like one another. But you know what we are? We are forever connected because of our beautiful, smart, kind, compassionate, funny son.

We RESPECT one another. We remember that neither of our roles as parents take precedence over the other – neither one of us are any more important to the life of our son.

We BOTH need to be there, we BOTH deserve quality time and quality memories with him. Neither of us blame one another for the direction our relationship took.

We do not place blame on one another, and we certainly don’t place blame in the presence of our son.

Adam and I are not perfect co-parents, but we made a deal when we got divorced, to put our son first and to value the richness that we each bring to his life, for different reasons.

So yes, we still have a family portrait taken, and I still pay good money to have the images printed, framed, and placed in our son’s bedroom; he may not grow up with parents who live in the same house… but he will grow up to see respect, kindness, empathy, compassion, perseverance, flexibility, and even sacrifice being modeled by both of his parents and he will know it is possible to fall out of love but never fall apart.”

Victoria and Adam don’t owe anyone an explanation regarding their parenting style and life choices but it’s nice to hear that couples can still get along to raise children.

Do you and your ex still do things together as a family? Let us know in the comments.

[via Refinery29]

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