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Every Dad Carry: Handy

Everydad Carry Handyman

This week’s Every Dad Carry is an ode to the handyman dad.

The father who knows how to fix just about everything – and if he doesn’t – he figures it the hell out.

These five everyday carry items are beneficial to the veteran Mr. Fix-It or the new guy just trying to stop a leaking pipe, a floor from creaking or repair whatever the kids broke.

M.100 – 17-in-1 Multi-Tool: The Tactica M.100 takes about half of the top drawer of dad’s toolbox and shrinks it down to pocket size. This pocket powerhouse adapts to dad’s needs and ensures dad has the tools to tackle any challenges.

Magnetic Wristband: With a large magnetic area, easy to keep screws, nuts, drill bits, bolts, nails, and washers neatly stored on it and pick what dad needs without moving an inch! Simply put this magnetic wristband on, and dad won’t have to spend time looking for the things he needs everywhere, saving dad a ton of time.

Forj Thermoplastic Ribbon: Forj is billed as the “world’s strongest and most adaptable repair ribbon.” Honestly, it’s the truth. The space-age composite design makes Forj a lighter, stronger, and all-around better alternative to tapes, twine, and wire when it comes to repairs.

ThxToms LED Flashlights Gloves: If you can’t give dad a hand with repairs, at least give him a light – right at his fingertips.

The Carter from James Brand: They started with a cult following of folks who gave a damn about what they were carrying, but now, The James Brand has won over EDC enthusiasts of all backgrounds. As their most advanced everyday-carry knife to date, The Carter is designed as a modern silhouette with classic outdoor cues, a solid in-hand feel, and a new locking mechanism.


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