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Every Dad Carry: Self-Isolation

Every Dad Carry- Self-Isolation

Being locked down for the last month will make any dad lose his damn mind.

Make the days seem shorter with a few of these Every Dad Carry items for puttering around the house.

Medicine Flask: This 6oz flask is handsome enough to display, yet rugged enough to carry in your coat pocket for when the time calls to self medicate. [$30]

1960s US Vietnam Military Watch: This watch is virtually identical in appearance to the watches worn by American troops in the Vietnam War. Unlike those timepieces, however, this modern version is built to be a bit more durable. [$52]

Humboldt Pipe: Made from FDA food & aircraft-grade stainless steel, CNC-machined and milled and built with a bolt-action design, these pipes are as easy to use as they are durable. They’ll last for a lifetime of smoking sessions and look good all the way through.  [$79]

The Kaufmann Mercantile Guide: How to Split Wood, Shuck an Oyster, and Master Other Simple Pleasures: A trusty companion for the slow and thoughtful home and the inner utilitarian in us all, The Kaufmann Mercantile Guide allows you to experience the singular satisfaction of doing it yourself. [$17]

Shit I Gotta F*cking Get Done: This life is busy and to-do lists are constantly outpacing life. For the dad with the extra busy life, there’s the Shit I Gotta Get Fucking Done Notepad. [$10]


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