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Fury Bros Home Goods

Dad has been cooped up just like the rest of us.

So we’re all going to have to rethink Father’s Day gifts this year as golf balls and neckties just don’t make sense from the quarantine.

Mix it up and give the gift of comfort at home with Fury Bros home goods.

The Fury Bros are two brothers and bandmates in the rock band Jeremy and the Harlequins.

Ever since they could remember they’ve had a penchant to create things with equal parts classic and modern.

That spirit inspired them to launch a premium candle and men’s grooming company in 2015 out of their apartment in Hell’s Kitchen with one goal in mind: create modern scents with classic style.

Today they are making a wide variety of products Dad will dig.

Including a luxury line of soaps and candles, classic tiki cocktail-inspired candles, and patriotic hand soaps to keep those hands clean.

Here’s some awesome new stuff from the Bros.

Black Series Luxury Candles

Fury Bros Candles

Fury Bros. Black Series Candles are the ultimate way to fragrance your home. We reinvented classic scents reminiscent of refreshing woodsy foliage, the dewiness of spring, handcrafted leather, and the rich and spicy aromas of cozy winter days enjoyed indoors and weekends upstate.

Crafted with the highest quality soy wax in the USA. Each glass candle slow-burns over 50 hours leaving a substantive impression.

Tiki Torchette

Tiki Torchette Fury Bros

Fury Bro’s Tiki Torchette’s are hand-poured candles inspired by classic tiki cocktails and pays homage to vintage Hawaiian culture.

Each soy wax candle is set in hand-painted, fire-kilned ceramic tiki mugs and is packaged in a Fury Bros. designed ‘aloha print’ box, inspired by the Hawaiian shirts of the 1950’s and 1960’s. Hangover free.

After you’ve burned your Fury Bros. Tiki Torchette™, the tiki mug is yours to keep. Pour a classic tiki cocktail into it, fill it with topsoil and plant some herbs, or put it on your mantle. The box is recyclable (but it’s pretty cool, so maybe you want to keep that as well

Patriot Power Wash 


Colony farmed fresh-cut tobacco blended superbly with a campfire on Independence Day.

Smoke, spice, and everything nice combine to make Patriot the perfect American tribute.

Hand and body soap with the pumice scrub.

Made in America. All-natural. Vegan friendly.



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