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Hand Warming Butter Knife

hand warming butter knife 1

How does dad typically spread cold, hard butter on his bread?

Does he patiently wait for the butter to melt? Probably not.

Does he stab at the butter like a maniac, taking off just slivers at a time? Most likely.

If he’s anything like me, he heats a butter knife over an open flame and cuts. Not the safest idea.

The Hand Warming Butter Knife is the answer.

To improve on this most essential of culinary tasks, Spread THAT! takes a two-step approach.

First, the serrated edge lets you scrape thin curls of butter for your toast.

Then the superconducting core moves the heat from your hand to the butter, melting and spreading it so it goes on smooth as, well, butter.

Hand Warming Butter Knife 2

This Hand Warming Butter Knife spreads any condiment including cream cheese, peanut butter, and jam.

And with its embossed wood grain and sleek black finish, it’ll be the coolest looking thing in your utensil drawer.

It makes for a unique Father’s Day gift too!



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