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Want To Be Happy? Here Are 5 Things Every Parent Should Do Daily

The top 5 things the happiest, healthiest parents do every day.

Do you ever wish you had a cheat sheet to life, with all the shortcuts laid out for you?

As the CEO and co-founder of JamBios, the online memoir website, Beth Carvin has had the opportunity to read memory stories written by thousands of different users.

In doing so, shes discovered the 5 things that the happiest, healthiest men and women do to get ahead in all arenas of life.

Heres Beths advice for parents on how to be happy in life.

Strive to continually improve your mind

The famous Greek philosopher Socrates once said, Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.

Heres a goal that can have incredible value in your life: never stop learning. When you make it a priority to have new experiences, its easy to stay fresh, energized, andhumble.

Getting out of your comfort zone ensures your brain is always working in different waystenets to which many memoir-writers can attest.

Travel, for instance, is an effective way to learn informally while having fun in the process, as evidenced by this colorful memoir story by artist Richard about his unconventional, nomadic childhood.

Be open to new adventures

The greatest thing about the unknown is that you never know what doors will be opened for you or what possibilities will come next.

For just one instance of this, check out this fun little anecdote about how, due to a set of random happenstances, he and a friend stumbled across the motorcade path of President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Have you ever been through something like thiswhere unexpected circumstances led you somewhere that you couldnt have predicted? How did that turn out for you?

Keep your competitiveness in check

The desire to rise above your opponents is understandable, but its crucial to remember that its not everythingand sometimes comes with undesirable consequences.

If youve ever been trapped in a sibling rivalry, you might relate to one memoirists story of a particularly aggression-fueled encounter with his older brother.

It reminds us that theres far more to life than winning all the timeespecially if you dont want to end up with a broken hand!

Don’t take life for granted

This is an adage frequently repeated, but rarely taken to heart. This harrowing account of the 2018 Hawaii missile scare encapsulates how life can be overor believed to be overin an instant, out of nowhere.

In this memory story, user Lloyd talks about his experience with the missile scare, how it affected him both physically and emotionally, and how it caused him to truly take stock of his life.

Dont worry; you dont need to put yourself in a dangerous situation in order to reassess who and what is important to you. After all, theres truth to the clich: Live each day as if it were the last day of your life! (But not literally.)

Remember to just have fun

Laughter can reduce anxiety levels, boost your immune system, and even lower your blood pressure. So when things get heavy, make sure you leave space in your life for a little laughter.

Dont believe me? Take it from this Jammer, Robert, who in his online memoir spins a yarn of one of the best (or maybe worst!) pranks he ever pulled.

While it may be an example of kids being kids, it reminds us that laughter should hold a significant place in our livesand that looking back on hilarious childhood memories like these can lead to even more.

Ultimately, the lessons from these memory stories teach us that in life, its far more rewarding to take the long roadthe road to self-improvement, openness, self-control, gratitude, and a continued sense of humor.

As you move forward down this road, take a moment every so often to look back at how far youve come.


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