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Sign Your Kid Up To Be A Junior Fire Marshal With These Online Classes

Junior Fire Marshal training

Worried that your kids will set fire to the house while you’re busy working from home?

Sign them up to be Junior Fire Marshals.

With millions of kids out of school during the pandemic, The Hartford Insurance Group has created an online training academy for kids to continue to learn about fire prevention from the safety of their own homes.

Over the last 70 years, the company has trained and deputized more than 111 million junior fire marshals.

Their goal is to deputize 3.5 million more by 2022 to help increase safety in some of the country’s most vulnerable neighborhoods and help save lives.

Kids will learn four basic safety lessons of fire prevention:

  • Matches and lighters are for adults
  • The importance of smoke alarms
  • Families need to create and practice an escape plan
  • Families need to establish an outside meeting place in the event of an emergency

All the lesson materials can be downloaded and printed and include an introduction journal, worksheets, flashcards, home fire escape plans, and other activity sheets.

Each lesson lasts about 20 minutes.

After completion of the course, parents can print out an official Certificate of Completion saying a child successfully graduated from the program.

Congrats! You’ve got Junior Fire Marshal in the house.

[via The Hartford Insurance Group]


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