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Juniper Ridge Body Wash

juniper ridge body wash

It’s ok for a man to smell good.

Not like a cologne or aftershave good, but naturally clean.

The people at Juniper Ridge know how to make a man smell good.

You can go to the mountains, but you can’t make the mountains come to you. Well, maybe. That didn’t vibe right with our neighbors and friends over at Juniper Ridge, who generally spend most of their days romping through the American West, from the Mojave Desert to Big Sur to Crater Lake.

And every time they got back home to the Bay Area, they missed what they smelled. So they bottled it.

Now men can bring the scents of your favorite places back home in these refreshing body washes.

Available in Redwood Mist, Desert Cedar, Coastal Pine, and White Sage, each plant-based formula is free from parabens, phthalates, dyes, and preservatives.

juniper ridge body wash trio

A great gift for any dad, All of the body washes are made with wild-harvested and natural ingredients and the concentrated formula means just a little goes a long way.



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