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This Mom Gave Classic Kid’s Book Coranavirus Makeovers And The Results Are Hilarious

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Every parent is looking for a way to keep their kids, and themselves, sane during self-isolation.

Stefanie Trilling, a mom from NY, was looking a way to pass the time during self-isolation while giving herself and her kids a good laugh.

Trilling came up with the idea of reimagining classic kid’s book covers to reflect everything going on in the world.

“I sought a way to distract myself and my children from the constant sirens outside our window,” she told Scary Mommy.

“One day, I was painting with my kids to occupy our minds, and I started copying the first thing I saw — a book we had read earlier in the day. To make coronavirus less scary, I cartoonified the virus within my painting.”

Trillings created “Children’s Books for Pandemics” and posted the illustrations to her Instagram account.

The results are hilarious and need to become real kid’s books.

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Stephanie told Good Morning America she plans to start selling her paintings and will donate the proceeds to help people affected by COVID-19.

“It feels like looking forward to things has been taken away from us. I hope the paintings give people something to look forward to now.”

[via Scary Mommy]


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