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This 10-Foot Inflatable Swimming Pool Will Be The Best Thing You Buy All Summer

10 foot swimming pool Play Day

The summer of 2020 has been (un)officially canceled.

Well, at least until July 4th.

I’m not sure about the rest of the country, but, in my state, summer camps are canceled, and there are a ton of restrictions on beaches, pools, and anything…well, fun.

The ex and I are going to share camp counselor duties for as long as possible, but she eventually has to go back to work. We’re trying to come up with as many daily activities as possible.

We agreed on buying an inflatable pool.

I found this 10-foot inflatable swimming pool from Play Day at my local Walmart, and it’s already paid for itself after just a week.

On the first scorching hot day of the season, the kids stayed outside in the 10-foot inflatable swimming pool and out of mom’s Zoom calls for four hours.

She posted the photo and video on her social account, and at least six friends asked, “where did you get that inflatable swimming pool?!?”

10-foot Inflatable swimming pool walmart

The pool fits just about anywhere – her yard isn’t that big – and is ideal for a deck or back porch.

You’ll need a small air compressor to inflate, but the pool is easy to set up and take down.

The strong PVC design makes the pool extremely durable and will easily last the entire season or longer.

The Play Day pool is probably available at your local Walmart, but you can get one right now on Amazon.

It’ll be the best, but not the last, $24 you spend on entertainment this summer.



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