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Mom Builds Genius ‘Hug Time’ Barrier So Grandmother Can Hug Kids

Hug Time Screen Grandparents

Quarantine and self-isolation are tough on people of all ages.

Daily life looks nothing like the way it did prior to coronavirus and even the simplest of tasks – like food shopping or family gatherings – involve masks, safe distance, and a little bit of anxiety.

Quarantine is especially hard on older adults that are living alone and isolated from family, friends, and all social contact.

A mom in Rockford, Ill. figured out a way around the self-distancing with a little window insulation kit, some gloves, and a maker spirit straight good enough for a DIY website.

Yahoo! Life explains:

Carly Marinaro of Rockford, Ill., is very close to her 85-year-old grandmother Rose Gagnon. Living minutes away from Marinaro and her five children, ages 12, 9, 5, 3, and 1, Gagnon sees her family on a near-daily basis.

However, for the past two months, she has self-isolated in her condominium.

“My arms ache from not cuddling my grandchildren,” Gagnon, who works as a realtor, tells Yahoo Life.

The split was just as heartbreaking for Marinaro, who is very close with her grandmother — Gagnon was her maid of honor at her wedding and her son has regular sleep-over nights at “Nana’s” house.

Then inspiration struck Marinaro in the form of an online video (doesn’t it always?) and she came up with the idea for the “hug time” barrier.

Next, a trip to the hardware store.

Marinaro purchased a pair of disposable livestock gloves used for medical procedures and a window insulation kit from a hardware store.

She re-sized the material to fit Gagnon’s 5’4 frame, spelled out “HUG TIME” with red duct tape, and pasted colorful hearts from construction paper.

The materials cost less than $50 and took about one hour to build.

When the hug time screen was complete, Marinaro’s kids called Gagnon and told her to come over for a “big surprise.”

Marinaro’s 5-year-old also advised, “Make sure you comb your hair and put lipstick for the video.”

“My granddaughter did a superb job,” Gagnon told Yahoo Life. “It blows my mind and fills my heart.”

[via Yahoo! Life]


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