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5 Small Moments Most Parents Forget To Photograph

moments parents forget to photograph

You’ve been waiting for days to rub it in your competitions faces share with your dear friends that your kiddo finally did it.

“He’s a walker!”

Yes, he only took three steps and yes, now anytime you try to coax him with a toy or, who are we kidding here, any sugary substance faintly resembling candy in order to take a few more, he just stares at you like you grew a second head.

But he did it.

And they need to know, but you have no pictures.

No video.

No proof.

From candid shots and “firsts” to meeting other family members for the first time and the rare quiet times, here are five times parents forget to take photos.

There are so many moments and firsts with my older son that I missed out on capturing. I wanted to be in the moment like so many parenting books and blogs preach, but then later regretted that I had no photos to be able to look back on once those moments were gone.

In an age where almost every adult has a smartphone or some other device with camera capabilities permanently attached to their hands like it’s their job and a love for the parent-paparazzi lifestyle is abundant throughout our culture, it’s amazing how many moments we miss out on capturing.

Photographing life is my job. I get hired to capture a lot of BIG moments.

Pregnancies, births, new babies, first birthdays But so many of my clients always complain that they don’t have a permanent photographer living in them to capture the everyday moments.

They always comment how they’re too wrapped up in trying to survive the day to actually try to take their own pictures of their little person. (Even though their newsfeed seems to say otherwise as you see 25 pictures of Little Johnny’s first poop from every angle splashed across your screen.)

No matter what, there are always certain pictures you’re going to want when they are grown and gone having their own little terrors.

Candid Shots

One of the biggest regrets across the board by mothers over fathers is not having candid photos with their children. We never want anyone to see our makeup-less face and hair that hasn’t been washed in a week, because who remembers what a shower is?

Truth be told, you won’t care in a few years. Or at least can drink again and pretend to ignore that hideous creature holding your perfect little baby on your old outdated couch.

The Firsts But Not ALL The Firsts

No one wants to see the first time your kid pukes on you or the first time they smear their diaper fillings on the wall.

(My kid the only one? Okay. Moving on.)

But you do want to catch important firsts. Holidays, first steps, and that first bite – these are all the moments you’ll want!

Trust me that first face from the moment you decide to be that parent and give them a lemon to gum on is totally worth having a camera up and ready.

Meeting Family

Not everyone lives right on top of every member of their extended families.

Being military, it was a month after his birth before my mother in law met our older son, and will be months now before my parents meet our new baby that was just born.

But the excitement is always there, and I have always regretted when I wasn’t ready to catch the moments when they held the baby for the first time.

If you can catch the first time your tiny baby pees all over a certain family member you’ve convinced to change a diaper, you win at life.

The Quiet Moments

I’m always amazed that people don’t do this more often. Some of my favorite pictures of my son are when he taught himself to sit quietly and look through a book or play by himself with a pile of toys.

Not every picture has to be your precious ball of squish smiling and showing off for the camera.

Show that they are capable.

Show that they are brilliant.

Independence is a thing to cherish and documenting that is just as important.

The Embarrassing Stuff

These moments parents forget to photograph are a given.

Take pictures of the funny and embarassing stuff.

You always need things to use as blackmail later in life.

It’s a parental right.

Samantha Winebarger is a mom first and a photographer second. Check out all of her work here.


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