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Remember This Mr. Rogers TikTok The Next Time You Flip Out On Your Kids

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Fred Rogers seemed like a pretty chill dude.

His demeanor and love of all people didn’t feel like just a show for the camera. The guy genuinely wanted to spread kindness to the world and did so by teaching millions of kids about right and wrong.

Mr. Rogers came off like a guy who always kept his cool – even during an ambush while standing half-naked in a men’s locker room – but the former TV host, author, and minister probably went Lewis Black on more than a few occasions.

Fred even flipped people the bird every once in a while.

In this recently uploaded clip from Mister Roger’s Neighborhood, Fred explains that it’s normal to feel anger.

“Many people have asked me, ‘Do you ever get mad?’ And of course, I answer, ‘Well, yes, everyone gets mad sometimes,” Rogers explains in this clip recently uploaded to TikTok by inspirational speaker, Jon Hansen.

In what feels more like a monologue directed at parents than the toddlers watching Mr. Rogers, the friendly neighbor explains that the most important to remember when people get angry is what we do with the anger we feel.


Amazing words of wisdom from a legend🙏🏻 #inspire #mindset #forgive #mrrogers

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Rogers retells a story involving his grandsons and water hose to which every parent can relate.

How many people thought Fred would get it with the hose and lost his shit on young Alexander? Yup, me too.

Mr. Rogers was man enough to admit, “you know what, I messed up their good time and brought my rules into a situation that didn’t really need rules” and apologized to his grandson for losing his cool.

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Whenever the kids act up and cause me to go apeshit, I try to take a step back and ask myself, “Was that really the best reaction?”

Usually, I’ll admit that I could have handled the situation better, and I’ll apologize.

Of course, there are those times when one of the kids does something idiotic, and getting red in the face is absolutely warranted, but flipping out never helps the situation.

I’m going to try to be a little more like Fred.

(Unless a kid squirts me with the hose after I said not to. Then shit is on.)


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