‘My Kind Of Parenting’ Article Archive

Kate Meier is a mom with two kids and zero tolerance for people who criticize parents for bullshit reasons.

She shoots straight on her website, My Kind Of Parenting, and explains that it’s a place for “no judgment and no advice” and she’s just “adventuring through parenthood” and writing about it for people to read.

My Kind Of Parenting is one of the best parenting websites that every mom and dad should check out.

Kate wrote extensively for this website a few years back and her articles are just as popular now as when I originally published them.

Her article about parenting behaviors people need to get over is still one of the most frequently read and shared article on this website, amassing over 10K Facebook shares and 264 comments.

Here’s a list of Kate’s best work published on this website.

“My Kind Of Parenting” Archive

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Never gets old.

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