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‘Old School Dads’ Is A Must-Follow Instagram For Every Parent


Every time I take a picture, the identical thought runs through my head.

“In about 20 years, everything about that photo will look ridiculous.”

Styles change. Looking dumb is unavoidable.

The Old School Dads Instagram account is dedicated to the dads of yesterday who thought they were cool as shit at that moment.

The idea spawned when Chase (full name omitted to protect him from any angry dads) dreamt up the idea while going through old photo albums.

“I’d never used Instagram before my brother showed me a project he was working on. The idea of starting an account danced around in the back of my mind but only if I could find a creative and interesting project.

A few weeks later, I was going through our family album for the first time in 5 years or so, and I was struck by how funny and iconic the photos of my dad were. I muttered something to myself in awe like “old school dads” and I immediately thought that name had a good ring to it.

I checked, the name was available, and 7 months later here we are.”

At first, Chase found photos through a hashtag search and reached out to people directly. He’s getting way more direct submissions now, making it much easier to find photos for the account.

Every single dad on the Old School Dads’ account looks hilarious. It’s one of the reasons I named Old School Dads one of the best fatherhood accounts to follow on Instagram. But it’s important to remember all the photos are posted out of love.

And just so moms didn’t feel left out, there’s an Old School Moms account too.

The real question? Is his own dad featured on the account?

“My dad is on the account. My profile picture is (left to right) my brother, my father, and myself. I’ve also posted a few others of him along the way.”

Old School Dads: Best of the Best

For more Old School Dads, check out @oldschooldads on Instagram.


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