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Parents Explain Why They’re Sad Kids Are Going Back To School & Some Reasons Are Flat Out Depressing

I put out a call on Instagram and Facebook looking for parents who're actually upset that their kids are going back to school. I got a ton of responses...

Last week, I put out a call on Instagram and Facebook looking for parents who’re actually upset that their kids are going back to school.

Not that they didn’t love their kids but just because figuring out what to do with them every day, and finding places for them to go, must be exhausting.

I assumed I’d get a few random responses but thought that, for the most part, parents are kind of happy the kids are going back to the 8 to 4 grind.

Boy was I wrong.

A majority of the parents are sad to see their kids go back and some of the answers were both touching and depressing at the same time.

Here are some of my favorite responses about the back to school blues:

“I’m not thrilled school is starting Monday. I love my lazy morning cuddles with my boys. I love that we can go to the park, or museum, or whatever we feel like that day. And some days it’s okay just to stay home in our pajamas and play games. This summer went by way too quick for me. My oldest is going into second grade. I’m not looking forward to the 6am wake-uptime, the stress about homework and all thethings that go with school. I understand how important school is, but I do not have to love it.” — Sarah

“I have 8 kids ages 6-23 and I used to get so excited for the weekend and school breaks because I freakin’ love having my kiddos around. The routine of a school year isn’t bad but I miss the fun of breaks. Now I enjoy to freedom when they are gone because when they are all around they always need something: calculators, food, rides, help with Spanish, notecards, a peanut-free snack for 20, new glasses, playdates, band practice, it is exhausting.” — Alissa

“I just left Active Duty Army after nearly 11 years. My kids are 7 and 2. This is the first summer I’ve really got to spend with them where I wasn’t rushing out the door at 5:30 and coming home a 6. I don’t feel like I missed out per se but I’m definitely thankful for this time and beyond sad for when school starts back up next week.” — Dakota

“My son starts school on Wednesday. He’s going to be a sophomore. I am genuinely sad when he starts school because I feel like I barely get to spend time with him in the summer. He’s always been a busy kid. On the other hand, my daughter just started pre-school today, and I swear I heard the Hallelujah Chorus when I opened that classroom door. She was nervous because it is a new school for her, so I was a little nervous, but I was happy to see her back in school.” — Gabie

“I hate it. I absolutely love being with my kids. Thankfully, I work for the school district and have the same schedule as them. If I could keep my kids home with me every day, I’d do it in a heartbeat. Even when all three are fighting, and I want to rip my hair out. We only get so much time with our kids, I intend to cherish every moment.” — Amanda

“I am sad that my 17-year-old daughter is going back to school in a couple of weeks. We really bond over the summer because we spend so much time together. When my daughter is in school, she’s gone from 6:30 a.m. until almost 3 in the afternoon. She does homework straight through until at least 7:00. By the time she eats dinner, showers and takes care of everyday necessities there’s virtually no time left for the family. Especially since she does volunteer work. Summer is our catch up time. I’m not ready for it to be over.” — Patti

“I’m upset only because of the way my work schedule shakes out. I won’t be seeing my 4yo almost at all during the week. My 3-year-old is still at home. I’ll be seeing plenty of her. But my son will be in school while I’m home and I’ll be at work when he’s home. And I get out way too late to see him before he goes to bed.

“I’m bummed! My kids are awesome and I miss them when they’re gone.” — Claire


“Absolutely love being able to spend every moment of our lazy summers w/ my goofy, messy and quirky teenage boys (14 &17). We are all whirling dervishes during the school year w/ homework, school activities and sports commitments. I’m bummed that school is starting soon, especially since my oldest is a senior in high school. It’s off to college this time next year!!” — Gwendolyn

“I’m bummed because I live in Montana and my 15-year-old daughter is going to a hockey academy…in Ontario CANADA! Too far away.” — Jessica

“I homeschool and proud of it. Not because Im so awesome because I am most definitely not. Not because Im the model of patience because I SO am NOT. My children are with me most of the time because that is the way the family was designed to work. After being a teacher, I know full well both sides of this argument. I still think homeschool is best and absolutely HATE seeing parents send their babies to school at 2 or 3 especially when mom stays home. Were supposed to be sad at separating at that age! There are plenty of ways to get social time and still be home. Promise.” –Amy L

“I have never been one of those parents who looked forward to sending the kids back to school. To be honest I dreaded it more than they did. I cherish every moment we have together because I know how fast they grow up, and how short our time together really is. This year, however, was especially poignant.

My baby is entering his final year of high school and is already excited about heading off to college, pouring over brochures, and making plans for which residence he hopes to live in (the one overlooking the soccer field of course).

His older brother has spent the last four years in university with no summer breaks. He joined the co-op program, following a continual cycle of alternating class and work semesters, in order to pay his way through. When he graduates next fall, he will have a much smaller debt than most students, but he will still have to go straight to work. So, this was not only his first summer home in four years, but most likely his last summer home ever.

I am incredibly proud of them both. I want them to have great adventures, and live happy lives. but there are definitely times when I wish I could slow it all down just a bit. I guess Im just not ready for that empty nest. :'(” –Jeanie

“Oh, Lordy do I miss my boys. I have 2 sons. 11 and 7. My oldest just started Middle School. My youngest 2nd grade. The first few days I was allowed to walk them to class. My oldest had to drag me out of my younger sons class and my husband had to drag mekicking and screaming out of my oldest sons.

It was and still is heartbreaking. I love my boys. I love every minute with them. School makes loves hectic and family time is not as often. I cant wait for the weekends.

Now dont get me wrongit has its perks. Errands are easier to run and I can come and go as I please without packing the kids up. But that wears off and I am usually counting down the minutes until my babies are home.

Time flies. It really truly does and I refuse to waste any time with my boys.” –Amanda

Want to talk about why you’re bummed to see the kids back in school? Tell me in the comments.

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