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Here’s Why Every Dad Should Carry A Pocket Notebook

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Four items sat on the bar in front of him at all times a half-empty glass of beer, money to refill the pint glass should he ever get around to finishing, a pencil resembling one given free with a round of mini-golf and a spiral top pocket notebook.

He wasn’t a frustrated Hemingway or a man plotting his ultimate revenge. Through conversation, he explained the notebook was just for ideas, thoughts, things that come to mind. He was forthcoming with little more and never asked if I wanted to read a couple of pages.

His failure to offer up the pocket notebook to the nosey 14-year-old son of the bar owner pissed me off at the time.

Now I understand.

I cant say for sure if that bar rat and his pocket notebook doodling had any influence on me, but that’s my notebook in the image above. I filled it on a recent trip to the West Indies. It’s possible.

But while Id never let a teen (not even my own blood) flip through any of my pocket notebooks, Id go into detail about why a dad — or any man — should carry one at all times.

Before covering the best pocket notebooks that make great gifts, here are some reasons to carry around notebooks to write in every day.

Why Carry A Pocket Notebook?


This fact is a little tougher to research, but speaking from experience, countless thoughts, questions, jokes, article ideas and to do tasks pop into my head.

The current way is to pull out a cell phone and get every brain nugget logged but a phone can provide an immediate distraction.

I’ve got to get this idea down but let me answer this text, respond to this email, check the score of this game, transfer money from checking into savings and why did I take out my phone?

A pocket notebook serves one purpose to write stuff down. The only possible distraction when opening a notebook is reading a previous entry.

If that’s an issue, always start on a blank page. That’s the end of the single possible distraction.


“What was that funny thing he said? Remember we were in the car? Ugh, it was funny, what was it?” You can’t remember.

If only you had something to write stuff down in to look back on in 40 years when you REALLY won’t remember anything.


No one knows for sure at this point if prolonged use of digital devices causes permanent damage to the eyes, explained Gary Heiting, OD, senior editor of explained to Digital Trends in this article from February 2015 but it’s well established that it causes eye strain and discomfort.

It could take years to fully understand the damage we’re all doing to our eyes by staring at smartphones, tablets, and computer monitors for hours on end but lets just all assume the diagnosis will be it was a bad idea.

Pocket notebooks will keep your eyes off of a screen for at least a short period and might even cause an individual to write (and work) longer.


At the airport, before that recent excursion, not one single person in my row of seats in the terminal was looking straight ahead, up or at another person. Every set of eyes, except mine, was glued to a smartphone.

I spent the hour before boarding jotting down article ideas in a pocket notebook.

The woman in the seat to my right tried reading over my shoulder. I caught her eyes, and they immediately darted back to her phone. Just as I was fascinated by the scribblings of a bar regular, this woman wondered whats so important that this guy is taking the time to write it down?

In all honesty, I was writing an observation about farting in an airplane, but she probably assumed I was scribbling down the words much more important to mankind.

Writing in a pocket notepad will not only make your ideas for a new app or recipe mod for better peanut butter brownies feel more important, people watching from afar will assume them, and you, important and probably worth meeting or knowing.


Penmanship is a dying art.

I have steller penmanship. People remark about it all the time.

Unless you’re a doctor and even then, learn how to write like a person possessing good penmanship isn’t a bad trait.

Heres a quick video explaining what your handwriting says about you and how to improve your cursive in no time.


I recently read a story online about a man who kept a journal every day of his life.

After his passing his family found the books and were unaware of his side project.

His kids were able to read back on countless monumental life events both in his life and their lives and even remarked at how interested they were to read about even the most mundane life moments.

Now if their dad passed away, and left behind a laptop, would the kids spend time going through his Word documents? It’s possible but highly unlikely.

Pocket notebooks aren’t commonly spotted in a world dominated by handheld devices but carrying a bound book of blank pages is essential for the modern dad.

“In the diary you find proof that in situations which today would seem unbearable, you lived, looked around and wrote down observations, that this right hand moved then as it does today, when we may be wiser because we are able to look back upon our former condition, and for that very reason have got to admit the courage of our earlier striving in which we persisted even in sheer ignorance.” Franz Kafka,The Diaries 1910-1923

If I’ve done my job, you’re well on your way to buying a pocket notebook. Here are some of the best pocket notebooks to consider.

If I haven’t done my job, this isn’t the first time.

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  1. Hello. Thank you for your article. It gave me a Lot of inspiration to continue with the lost habit of handwritting.

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