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Probably Beer Mug

Probably Beer Coffee Mug

For the first few weeks of self-isolation, dad probably drank coffee all day.

Homeschooling, Zoom calls, and never putting on different pants changed that habit.

What’s in dad’s mug now?

Probably Beer.

The hell with keeping up appearances.

Why not just be real about it and skip all the lying and covert ops? This mug shares with the world what it’s already thinking.

Written across the front of the enamel mug is the phrase, “Probably Beer,” because, well, dad’s probably drinking beer.

With the ability to hold 16 ounces of liquid, you could conceivably drink coffee, water, hot chocolate, or soda out of it, as well.

But, again, it will probably be beer.

My mug hasn’t held coffee in months.



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