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20 Parents Share The Questions They MUST STOP Asking Their Kids

This week's tough Q is a question about questions. "What's the one question you really have to STOP asking your kids?"

Every week on my Facebook page, I ask a Tough Q Tuesday.

It’s simple. I’ll ask the group to answer a question. The best responses make it onto the website along with my advice or comments. Because who doesn’t need more advice?!?!

I’m hoping these questions and answers will start a conversation, inspire parents to try more things, and get other moms and dads to realize they’re not alone in the world.

Heres this week’s question:


“What’s the one question you really have to STOP asking your kids?”

I’ll kick off the fun with the question I need to stop asking my kids.

We’ll spend the day together, doing everything they want to do, for hours on end.

It’s bedtime and I’ll ask “did you two have a good day.”

They’ll list all the things about the day they DIDN’T get to do. It happens every time.

I stopped asking. The other options was to stop taking them anywhere.

Here’s what some other parents had to say about the questions to stop asking kids.

Stop asking kids questions like these…

“What did I say?'” They never listen so I usually have to make them repeat me if I’m asking them to do something with more than one step.” – Megan

I’m all for giving them post-it notes with reminders of what to do. Some of them would be pretty hilarious like “Never touch the cat’s anus” and “She’s your sister, not a moving target.”

“What SHOULD you be doing right now?” – Vicki

I actually ask myself this question a couple of times per day. I just use this as an excuse.

“Are you wearing underwear?” (But I ask it with good reason) – Amy

I also ask myself this question a couple of times per day.

“Why is the floor sticky?” – Holly

Because kids?

“Okay guys, What happened?” – Sue

Oh man. Get ready for an interpretation that’s so far from the truth you’ll think it’s a screenplay for a Hollywood film. “Based on true events.”

“Did you actually use soap in the shower?” – Tammy

A better question to ask – do they know there’s soap in the shower?

“Did you wash your hands?” Spoiler alert- they didn’t. – Kelly Ann

A better question to ask – do they know there’s a sink in the bathroom?

“Did you hear me?” – Courtney

They did. When they don’t respond I usually whisper “Maybe we’ll have Kit-Kats for dinner” and suddenly the kids can hear as well as bats.

“Who did it?” The answer is normally the “not me” ghost. – Desi

The “not me” ghost has access to more houses than Santa.

“Did you flush?” I shouldn’t have to ask an 11-year-old that question. – Jon

Ugh. I feel ya, dude.

“Why don’t you listen until I yell??” I should just get a good shock collar and be done raising my voice. – Michelle

Is the collar for you or the kids? I’d put it on myself and deliver some volts as a reminder they’ll never listen to a word we say.

“Are you going to put me in a nursing home on day?” – Lisa


“How was school?” – Jon

OK, here’s one that every parent asks and every kid is awful at asking. I think I’ve found a possible solution.

The average school day is about 6-7 hours. That’s a lot of time to ponder.

Maybe we need to be more specific.

“How was ____ class?”

“What’s something crazy your teacher said today?”

“How did you sit next to at lunch?”

Anything other than “briefly tell me about the last 6 hours.”

It’s worth a shot.

“Are you serious?” – Scott

Oh, they’re serious.

“Was that a fart or did you poop?” – Faith

I mean do you actually WANT the answer??

“Where are your pants?!?” – Leslie

I also ask myself this question a few times per day.

“Why is this wet?!?!” – Roger

I mean it could be worse, Roger. You could be asking and they’re pantless.

“What was that noise?” – Suzi

I’ve found the biggest catastrophes follow the smallest sounds. I’ll hear the kids go “OH MY GOD!” and they’ve spilled a cup of water on the counter and didn’t hear a peep when one of the walls in their room was missing.

“Why are you making me look like a bad mother?” – Krista

It’s their job. It’s right in the job description.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” – Michelle



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