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20 Parents Share The Questions They MUST STOP Asking Their Kids

This week's tough Q is a question about questions. "What's the one question you really have to STOP asking your kids?"

Every week on my Facebook page, I ask a Tough Q Tuesday.

It’s simple. Ill ask the group to answer a question. The best responses make it onto the website along with my advice or comments. Because who doesnt need more advice?!?!

Im hoping these questions and answers will start a conversation, inspire parents to try more things, and get other moms and dads to realize theyre not alone in the world.

Heres this weeks question:

question to stop asking kids

“What’s the one question you really have to STOP asking your kids?”

I’ll kick off the fun with the question I need to stop asking my kids.

We’ll spend the day together, doing everything they want to do, for hours on end.

It’s bedtime and I’ll ask “did you two have a good day.”

They’ll list all the things about the day they DIDN’T get to do. It happens every time.

I stopped asking. The other options was to stop taking them anywhere.

Here’s what some other parents had to say about the questions to stop asking kids.

“What did I say?'” They never listen so I usually have to make them repeat me if Im asking them to do something with more than one step.” – Megan

I’m all for giving them post-it notes with reminders of what to do. Some of them would be pretty hilarious like “Never touch the cat’s anus” and “She’s your sister, not a moving target.”

“What SHOULD you be doing right now?” – Vicki

I actually ask myself this question a couple times per day. I just use this as an excuse.

“Are you wearing underwear?” (But I ask it with good reason) – Amy

I also ask myself this question a couple times per day.

“Why is the floor sticky?” – Holly

Because kids?

“Okay guys, What happened?” – Sue

Oh man. Get ready for an interpretation that’s so far from the truth you’ll think it’s a screenplay for a Hollywood film. “Based on true events.”

“Did you actually use soap in the shower?” – Tammy

Better question to ask – do they know there’s soap in the shower?

“Did you wash your hands?” Spoiler alert- they didnt. – Kelly Ann

Better question to ask – do they know there’s a sink in the bathroom?

“Did you hear me?” – Courtney

They did. When they don’t respond I usually whisper “Maybe we’ll have Kit-Kats for dinner” and suddenly the kids can hear as well as bats.

“Who did it?” The answer is normally the “not me” ghost. – Desi

The “not me” ghost has access to more houses than Santa.

“Did you flush?” I shouldn’t have to ask an 11-year-old that question. – Jon

Ugh. I feel ya, dude.

“Why don’t you listen until I yell??” I should just get a good shock collar and be done raising my voice. – Michelle

Is the collar for you or the kids? I’d put it on myself and deliver some volts as a reminder they’ll never listen to a word we say.

“Are you going to put me in a home?” – Lisa


“How was school?” – Jon

OK, here’s one that every parent asks and every kid is awful at asking. I think I’ve found a possible solution.

The average school day is about 6-7 hours. That’s a lot of time to ponder.

Maybe we need to be more specific.

“How was ____ class?”

“What’s something crazy your teacher said today?”

“How did you sit next to at lunch?”

Anything other than “briefly tell me about the last 6 hours.”

It’s worth a shot.

“Are you serious?” – Scott

Oh, they’re serious.

“Was that a fart or did you poop?” – Faith

I mean do you actually WANT the answer??

“Where are your pants?!?” – Leslie

I also also ask myself this question a couple times per day.

“Why is this wet?!?!” – Roger

I mean it could be worse, Roger. You could be asking and they’re pantless.

“What was that noise?” – Suzi

I’ve found the biggest catastrophes follow the smallest sounds. I’ll hear the kids go “OH MY GOD!” and they’ve spilled a cup of water on the counter and didn’t hear a peep when one of the walls in their room was missing.

“Why are you making me look like a bad mother?” – Krista

It’s their job. It’s right in the job description.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” – Michelle



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