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What Honest & Life-Changing Advice Did Your Dad Give You?

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Happy-go-lucky coach and fashion icon, Bill Belichick, once sat down with CNBC to discuss what he does with the bottom halves of all the sweatshirts sleeves he hacks off and his influential father.

Bill shared some of the life-changing advice and lessons he learned from his old man, who was also a football coach.

Belichick says that his father, who was an immigrant from Croatia and the youngest of five children, taught him about perseverance. “[He] grew up kind of in a poor environment,” he says to Welch. “Went through the Depression. Father was out of work. Two of his brothers had to drop out of school. And World War II.”

When it came to his career, Belichick says his father taught him to follow his passion. It’s a lesson he teaches his own children, all of whom work in sports. His daughter coaches lacrosse, while his sons work for the New England Patriots.

“I’ve told them the same thing my dad told me, which is [to] follow your heart,” Belichick explains. “If there’s something that you love and that’s your passion when you’re young, do it. Let everything else take care of itself.”

Working hard and doing what you love are two incredibly important lessons to teach kids, but, SNOOOOZEEE.

I mean, come on, Bill. Those are so basic.

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I was hoping for real, authentic, never-much-heard advice from Bill and his old man.

Stuff that can’t be found in every single self-help book ever printed.

Crazy advice that goes against all logic like “brushing your teeth after a meal is actually bad for you” or “take your very first paycheck and piss it all away on booze and hookers just to get it out of your system.”

Since Bill was no help, I’m opening this up to the crowd — tell me in the comments some real, honest-as-hell advice your father shared with you that basically changed the way you looked at the world.

And if by chance it was the paycheck advice, please introduce me to your dad, he sounds like quite the drinking buddy.


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