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The Roads Less Run (Usually Because of Traffic)

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There’s been one lone bright spot for runners to being in constant lockdown.

Well, maybe two bright spots.

The first being more time to run and running closer to the time your body likes to get out and pound the pavement.

I’m a morning runner. I’m usually at my best between 7-10 am.

A full-time job typically gets in the way of running at an optimal time.

Being in constant lockdown means running at my best time of day.

The second positive about the world standing still is runners can hit the roads without as many cars, trucks and tractor-trailers getting a little too close

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On an overcast Sunday, I took a new route, down a few of the heaviest traveled roads near my house.

At 9:30 in the morning, I set out to run nine miles. I finished in just over one hour and twenty-two minutes.

I didn’t keep an accurate count, but I don’t think more than 20 cars passed the entire run.

It felt odd running the roads I usually burn rubber on.

I tried to take it all in. Analyze parts of the route that usually wiz by my driver’s side window.

For the first time in a couple of weeks, I felt free.

A massive accumulation of black clouds congregated in the distance and YUP, time to pick up the pace!

I’d like to feel free and dry for the rest of the run.

Here are my monthly running totals. I’m still early in the running year and well beyond my totals this time last year.

March 2020 Running Totals

I’m on pace to break my 1,200-mile goal.

Hopefully, that happens on the trails and side streets because life goes back to normal.

See you all out there.

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