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Here’s A Recap Of All The Miles I Ran In August 2019


August is over and my streak of 100+ months hits four.


The month began the same as others but included a photoshoot for my website dedicated to running (link in my bio) with a promising young photog, Amalie (@ams_hindash).

Her work is incredible for her age (photo in the top left), and it’s inspiring to see a person just entering her first year of high school take an art like photography so seriously. ⁣

Hopefully, someday she becomes a world-renown photojournalist, and I can brag and say, “yeah, she once took photos of me running around a park.” ⁣

The temps and my average daily miles dropped mid-month. I decided to take an entire week off from running for two reasons. ⁣

First, the kids stayed over from an entire week, and I didn’t have the time to run for an hour each day. We spent the week day-tripping including a drizzly afternoon taking in a few horse races. ⁣

I dropped the kids off to their Mom on Sunday and immediately hit the road. I needed 25 miles in a week to break 100 for the month. ⁣

I broke up the days of long runs with a few interval workouts with friends and a running group. Shout out to Natalie (@runf.i.t) and her Wednesday night crew kicking my ass in the best way possible. ⁣

I needed 10 miles on August 31st. With the help of another running comrade and comfortable weather conditions, I logged in over 10 and hit my monthly goal. ⁣

On tap for this month – prepping for a Ragnar in October and my first official half marathon in November. ⁣

See ya out there. ⁣

August 2019 Runs

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