Funny Parenting Memes

25 Funniest Parenting Memes And Tweets This Week

Funniest Parenting Tweets

Welcome to your second favorite post of the week – my notes being the first.

The funniest parenting memes and tweets of the week.

Before checking out all the funny stuff from other parents, I’d like everyone to listen to a segment of an interview I did with professional wrestler, Rhett Titus.

In this clip, Rhett talks about his mom helping him with a Doink the Clown costume as a kid, and how she went all out to make sure Rhett won a wrestling costume contest.

In the end, things didn’t turn out the way Rhett hoped.

If you’d like to hear the rest of the interview, head on over to Not About Wrestling.

Here are the funniest tweets and memes from dads this week and make sure to follow me on FACEBOOK, TIKTOK TWITTER,  INSTAGRAM, or TUMBLR.

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