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It Finally Happened – My Own Line Of Post-It Notes

The question I get asked the most by fans and followers has nothing to do with parenting, running, writing, running, or my hair. “When are the Post It Note people going to work with you on something?” I never had an answer. I had approached 3m before but never made much headway.

Have you ever heard the expression that the moment you stop looking for love it comes and finds you? Well, this isn’t quite love, but the people behind Post-It Notes did finally find me.

Post It Notes 1

I officially have my own line of Post-It Notes.

Starting today, the notes are available on Amazon.

The first note pad is a planner to write down all the important things you have to do with kids, work, and life every week. The second pad is a weekly meal planner. This pad is also great for people tracking meals to remember what they ate for an entire week.

Post It Notes 2

As you can see in photo #2, Lyla made an attempt to log my meals for the week and then got bored writing oatmeal every day. Best of all, the pads all have my quotes written at the bottom that rotates every day. It will feel as though I’m right there with you in the kitchen, meal planning, and life planning! I mean who wouldn’t want that?!?!

I’d like to thank a few people for making this possible. Obviously, the people at @postit note, but also my kids for inspiring me to take this insane journey, Misty, Alisa, Jen, & the entire 3M Promotional team for reaching out about the original notepads, and Sarah and Samantha at ZJBrandshop who helped coordinate this entire project.

Most of all, I want to thank all of the people who followed and supported me since day one and all of the new people who’ve come along for the ride. When I started writing these notes I never in my teeny tiny brain thought something like this would happen. I hope these notes serve as an example and inspiration to anyone out there with an idea for a business, product, or website.

Don’t wait for permission. Don’t wait for the right time. Don’t wait at all.




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