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Parenting Tip #324 – Making New Friends

parenting note #324

It’s just myself and the 4-year-old together. All day, every day. We’re stumbling into the end of July and have already run out of original things to do with our time. She’s bored with swimming, shopping, coloring, slime-making, crafts, movies, TV and probably bored with me. I’m bored with her too.

We went to the mall and the indoor playground. I’ve discussed my feelings about the indoor playground on a few other occasions. I’d rather drink hot lard. Three glasses full.

“Play with me.”



“We’re at a playground full of children. Find a friend.”

So she scanned the group and set her eyes on a girl about her age who looked exactly like Moana. The girl wore a flowered dress so she was playing the part. She asked “do you want to play?” and Moana said “yes” and my kid said “let’s play tag” and I didn’t see
her again for an hour.


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