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Note #787 – Happy Holi-delay

Note #787

It’s December 6th and there’s not a single decoration up in my house.

I don’t have a Christmas tree yet. I had a Christmas tree – a fake one shoved in the original box – but couldn’t find the box. The 11-year-old reminded me that in the middle of packing to move back in September I tossed the tree and said we’ll buy “a new and bigger tree.”

Yup, that sounds like me – throw away stuff now only to buy another one at a later date.

I put off buying a tree until the kids are here to help me pick one out. I’ll hopefully decorate with them. Well, we’ll start decorating and both will get bored within a few minutes and I’ll be decorating alone. That’s the holiday tradition in most homes.

People love asking if I’ve put up decorations yet. I’m sure it’s just to brag about their decorations this year. I can’t imagine they actually give a shit if the inside of my place looks like I vomited Christmas spirit all over every shelf and open space.




I’ll get around to it. I still have time. I’m much farther ahead than those people you see with a Xmas tree strapped to the car roof on December 23rd. Seriously, what the hell were you doing all month? It’s not like Xmas is a surprise.

“What?!? It’s on the 25th this year?!?! We need a tree!!”

I’ll get around to Xmas shopping. I’ll start the week before Xmas. I’m better under pressure. If I give myself too much time, I tend to overthink gifts.

This is me gift shopping on Dec 1st – “This is a good gift for dad but it’s not perfect. I’ll try and think of something better.”

This is me gift shopping on Dec 22nd – “Let’s see…dad has feet. Feet need socks. Gold Toes it is!”

If you spot me wandering around a mall, say hello. I’m probably more worried about what to have for lunch than what to buy a family member. Just give me a fist bump and point me towards the food court.



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The kid has talent. I give her credit just for getting up and performing in front of people.

There’s no better motivator than telling 65K people you have a goal. If you have a goal, just tell a few people, and watch how it motivates you to hit the goal. Just be sure to tell the RIGHT people.

I opened a bag of “healthy” chips. There were about ten chips inside. I ate ten more bags.


That’s all I’ve got this week.

If you haven’t already, please subscribe to my website via email. I have a ton of awesome stuff coming up and I don’t want you to miss any of it plus I’ll have a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT this week.

Be good to one another. See you at the food court.

– Chris


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