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Parenting Notes #651-655

parenting note #653

This week in the notes, we talk about hobbies, days off from school, parenting memes, and checking up on your kids.


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Ok, now the notes…

Parenting Note #651

parenting note #651

I’m guilty.

I complain when the kids have off.

Especially in the first few months of school.

My complaining is especially loud during “no school November.”

I’ve made an oath to STFU about it.

School sucks (most of the time), so why do I want my kids to be there more?

I should be happy on the days they have off and also take the day off instead of blowing personal time on getting the car fixed, organizing the spice closet, or just because I feel “blah.”

I promise never to bitch and moan when my kids have a random Tuesday off or a three day weekend.

I’ll save all my complaining for when they’re still in school on July 4th because the school year is so damn long.

Parenting Note #652

parenting note #652

It’s about feeling a connection.

Kids do these shitty things – because they’re kids and don’t know better – but they do these things, and there’s a feeling of relief like “oh, good, my kids aren’t the only humans who do this stuff.”

So you take the meme, or in my case a sticky note, and you go “hey look, spouse or friend, this person’s kid tries to get away with the same bullshit. Isn’t this funny.”

It’s a shared experience.

I’m going to tag you. I’m going to copy the link and text the group. I’m going to screenshot because I refuse to learn how to send things properly.

Let’s all laugh about our awful kids.

Kids do it too. Pass around images about their awful, confusing, and frustrating parents with nothing more than a couple sentences and a SpongeBob still.

Research has shown the health benefits of laughing. Laughter can relieve pain and even increase immunity.

It’s healthy. Memes are healthy.

It could be worse. We could all be complaining about our kids or parents while closing down a bar or huffing Dust-Off in the basement before the old man gets home.

Memes make us feel less alone.

Life is frustrating, annoying, festive, depressing, joyful, exactly how we pictured it, confusing, nothing like we pictured it, and we don’t know how to express it all.

So here’s Fyre Fest Andy, so it all makes sense.

Parenting Note #653

parenting note #653

More specifically, my hobby is worrying about my kids. ⁣⁣
0 out of 10, don’t recommend. ⁣⁣

Parenting Note #654

parenting note #654

I want to hand it all over because I’ll feel less guilty if THEY throw it in the garbage. ⁣

Parenting Note #655

parenting note #655

Tis’ the season for parent-teacher conferences. ⁣

Fifteen-minute meetings when parents are shocked to learn the things their kid does – and doesn’t do – in school. Proctored by a person who spends more time with them each day than you do. ⁣

“Wait, when I ask ‘what happened in school today?’ and they say ‘nothing,’ they’re not telling the truth?!?!” ⁣

School trains kids to be good at school and adequate at surviving in an office. An office with people who act as though they’re still in school. ⁣

If your kid is struggling, get him or her extra help. ⁣

If they’re killing it in the classroom, commend them and cut them some slack other places. ⁣

If they’re hovering somewhere in the middle, don’t freak out. ⁣

And don’t forget to thank the teacher. ⁣

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