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Parenting Tips #431-440

This latest gathering of notes brings me even closer the magic number of #500.

This latest gathering of notes brings me even closer to the magic number of #500.

Honestly, I might have passed 500 months ago. I’m incredibly bad at organization.

And counting.

I’ve thought about taking a long weekend and trying to find and numbering EVERY single note of parenting advice but then I end up doing something more important like napping or…

That’s it. Just napping.

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Parenting Tip #431

parenting advice #431

What do you mean youre a season behind?!?

Parenting Tip #432

parenting advice #432

Just 2,533,543,344 more quarters to go.

Parenting Tip #433

parenting advice #433

I struggle often with putting this idea into practice.

Very often. ?
As parents, we feel the need to preach, teach, educate, motivate, ask questions and fill in the silence with kids.?
We feel the need to talk. ?
Today, just listen.?

Parenting Tip #434

parenting advice #434

I try not to yell too loud out of respect for my neighbors but now maybe I should give them a show. ?
“Do not set fire to that wall! We have neighbors!!”?

Parenting Tip #435

parenting advice #435

When was a kid, I’d bust my dad’s balls for not being up on the news, TV shows, movies, trends, sports news, and anything and everything.

But now I get it.

He just didn’t care or give a shit.

I figured that out recently when I also stopped giving a shit.

Parenting Tip #436

parenting advice #436

“You wanted Oreos stuffed with Oreos?

I SWORE we put them in the cart.

Thats SO weird.

Here, have a carrot stick.

Its in the Oreo family.

Parenting Tip #437

parenting advice #437

Yes, I see the spelling mistake but I was too busy playing to care.

I forget this often and need to remind myself not to say no every time they ask to play.

The dishes can get put away later.

The laundry can wait until tomorrow.

Stop and spend time.

Parenting Tip #438

parenting advice #438

But if its all theyll eat???


Parenting Tip #439

parenting advice #439

The only reason the roof wasnt on fire was because were decent at hiding matches.

Parenting Tip #440

parenting advice #440

Well, something is missing and I can’t figure out what, so I guess I’ll just have to wait until I try to open it again. ?


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