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Parenting Tips #511-520

This week, the kids play school (for some reason), I get mad at people on the street and I'll go on any boring field trip.

This week, the kids are playing school (for some reason), I get mad at people on the street and I’ll go on any boring field trip.

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Now, onto the notes…

Parenting Tip #511


Is it just my kids?

Parenting Tip #512


Parenting Tip #513


“Were gonna go see where the thimbles are made, kids!!!!”

Parenting Tip #514


Please send help and multiple mops.

Parenting Tip #515


By 2019 terms, they’re practically blood sisters.

Parenting Tip #516


I have a true love/hate relationship with running.

I love the last mile, hate the first, and zone out for most of the miles in the middle.

And I loathe when I’m not running but see people on the street putting in the miles.


Parenting Tip #517


Parenting Tip #518


I’m going to open the refrigerator door one my time and see if new food showed up.

That always works.

Parenting Tip #519




I’m just going to eat carbs until I figure it out.

Parenting Tip #520


Bedtime makes kids so damn hungry!!

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