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Parenting Tip #385 – Finding Inspiration In Everyday Life


Finding Inspiration

My notes aren’t always about parenting.

I’ll often write motivational notes and inspirational life quotes and stick each to my computer, my bulletin board or random spots around the house.

A few weeks ago, I noticed two notes stuck together, one above the other. I peeled off the sticky note – the correct way – to find another note written by The Kid.

My note – “Why are the goals of others at the top of my ‘to do’ list?”

His note – “I’m coming closer and closer.”

I have no idea how long ago he wrote and left this note for me to find. It could have been lying in wait for months.

At first, this note seemed creepy as hell. That was his intention.

My son likes to scare people, specifically his sister. He’ll jump out from around corners, hide under couch cushions, stand bedside wearing just a Spider-Man mask and wait until I wake up and watch me come seconds away from heart failure.

But even though this note was meant to be a threat, I oddly found inspiration in the message. Especially when placed next to the other, intentionally inspirational message.

A note about coming “closer and closer” stuck behind a reference to personal goals. It seems almost intentional.

Parents need to find encouragement in the odd moments. Whether it’s an inspirational quote, a book prompting you to take action, an inspiring video, one of my notes of funny parenting advice or wherever.

Finding inspiration is possible. It’s around every corner and sometimes hidden in plain sight.

The next time a quote or something you read or something someone says in conversation strikes a cord, take a second to write it down and stick it someplace in plain sight.

Never to be outdone, the 5-year-old left her inspirational note of sorts on my nightstand.


No lie. That’s her handwriting. Better than her older brother. Still not as good as her old man’s penmanship though.

I took this to mean “get your butt up!” or “get your butt into gear!”

Or…maybe she just called me a butt.


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