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50 Funniest Mom Memes + Tweets This Week

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Welcome to the latest installment of the funniest mom memes and tweets of the week.

Before we begin, a quick tale…

There are times when I’ll think “my god, the kids are exactly like me.”

And then there’s this past Tuesday. The last day of school.

The atmosphere felt like an elementary school pep rally. It’s early dismissal and kids are dancing on the playground and the principal is saying goodbye over an outside intercom and “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang is blasting from speakers inside the gym.

The kids are released to their parents. My son strolls to the car with a huge grin. My daughter is in tears.

Wait, why is she crying? Why is she blubbering and crying?

She explains she’s “going to miss school and her friends and her teacher.”

It’s really quite sweet BUT MAN her and I had different school experiences.

The last day of school for me felt like getting paroled. I couldn’t WAIT to finish school each year. Sure, I’d miss my friends, but I’d see them again in two months. I can’t recall one teacher I liked enough to miss.

In a way, I’m slightly jealous.

And kinda angry because now “Celebration” is stuck in my head.

Please enjoy this collection of mom jokes, puns, memes, and regular old rants from some funny ass mommas.


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