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Parenting Tip #373 – Listening To Your Gut Is Important

If something seems wrong, it's probably wrong. If it feels off, it's probably not all in your head.

Every once in awhile, I’ll scribble a note that I know will resonate with readers.

This note just felt good.

It felt good wearing the bracelet. It felt good writing the note. Hell, even the picture came out pretty damn good.

I didn’t, however, think the note would do THIS well.

It’s my most popular parenting note of all time. Even more popular than baby fight club and jokes about making my kids take dumps in litter boxes.

Men call it a gut instinct. Women refer to it as a woman’s intuition.

Whatever the name, its an important part of parenting. No matter how old the kid.

Parents make the wrong decisions all the time.

Even the best parenting books dont have all the answers.

Searching for guidance online will drive you nuts.

Getting the opinions of other parents is fine but those answers are based on their own circumstances and what they’d do in a situation.

I’ve learned to trust my gut when it comes to writing these notes and parenting the kids. Especially now that we’re usually just a threesome.

Listening to your gut is important in parenting. If something seems wrong, it’s probably wrong. If something feels off, it’s probably not just all in your head.

Trust the feelings deep down inside.

Go with your gut.

You might not always be right but a majority of the time you’ll do what you feel is best.

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