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Parenting Tip #372 – LEGOs Are Therapy Without A Copay


The Kid finds peace in his LEGOs.

The building blocks are a source of entertainment, a way to hide from the world, express his ideas, explore his imagination, and occasionally a means to get back at his dad by leaving them around the house to step on.

Why do LEGOs hurt so much?!? Oh, here’s why.

I get just as much from LEGO building.

Putting together a LEGO set is a form of therapy. It’s less expensive than seeing a shrink unless we’re talking Millenium Falcon-sized price tags.

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The more bags of LEGO, the more I can escape the world.

Bags littered across the dining room table. Dictionary-thick instructions in arms reach. Podcast broadcasting from a speaker across the room.

Usually, a beer off to the side slowly rising to room temperature.

Life is messy.

There are no set instructions.

Words often do more harm than good.

Few pieces fit perfectly together, no matter how hard a person presses.

LEGO instructions are simple.

No words are necessary.

One LEGO piece fits into the other until the project is complete.

If you’ve never lost yourself in a 1000-piece set, I highly recommend the temporary distraction.

LEGOs are therapy.


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