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Parenting Tip #382 – Birthday Party Hard


This article popped up in my newsreader last week. It’s about an Australian dad who dropped $13K on his son’s first birthday party.

Normally, I’d pass it over and assume “just another rich a**hole trying to show off.” You likely did the same.

There’s more to the story.

“The couple had built up savings in their home loan redraw account since purchasing their home two years ago, before deciding to spend it on their little fella’s party.

‘So although the savings went specifically to this party, it became our ‘family’ savings for future plans/ emergencies and in preparation for my maternity leave one day,” Jackie says.

‘My husband and I are both working professionals with two totally different careers prior to starting a family – he is a self-employed carpenter and I’ve worked in banking and finance for the past 10 years. So we worked hard and had savings that we put aside for our family and to support us while I am on maternity leave.’

See. Now, don’t you feel bad? Me too.

Want to feel worse?

It was a way to give thanks to all the love, many prayers and support we have received over the period of planning to become pregnant, losing our first child and welcoming the life of Lachlan.

Hopefully, this is a reminder to all of us, not just to read past the headline but to always get the entire story.

On our newsfeeds and in our lives.

Parenting Tip #382 – Birthday Party Hard


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