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Parenting Note #381 – Toothbrushes Are Gross

parenting note #381

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For a place where we all go to get clean, the bathroom is a pretty disgusting place.

In fact, your own bathroom could be making you sick.

The only course of action is to keep stuff as safe and sterile as possible.

Thats why I love these toothbrush covers from Steripod. They keep toothbrush heads covered from all the other stuff that goes on in the bathroom.

Think about bathroom spray. Do you think that stuff goes everywhere EXCEPT near the toothbrushes? And that’s the least of your worries.

Protect Kids And Their Toothbrushes

The Steripod clip-on toothbrush protector with active vapors fits any manual or electric toothbrush and keeps your toothbrush clean and fresh for up to 3 months.

Just clip on this protective pod to shield your toothbrush from cross-contamination from other toothbrushes — super important during back-to-school, festivals, travel season! Perfect for home, gym, or travel.

Never worry about how clean your toothbrush ACTUALLY is ever again.

My kids love these as toothbrush covers and nose pinchers.

Dont ask.

Check out @getsteripod toothbrush clips on Instagram, check out their official website or find them on Amazon. Use the discount code STERIPOD20 to get 20% off your entire order ongetsteripod.com.


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