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Parenting Tips #451-460


This week, a few parenting notes about the holidays, daylight savings, and my favorite pastime – getting flu shots.

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Parenting Tip #451

You see.. it’s because…farmers?

Parenting Tip #452


“Better yet, hold it until we get home.”

Parenting Tip #453

That’s a fine story, son. Come back in ten minutes and tell it to me again and let’s see how close you get.”

Parenting Tip #454

I’m a jerk sometimes.

Parenting Tip #455

Looks like the city is gonna perish.

Parenting Tip #456

Parenting Tip #457

Parenting Tip #458

I’m on my 9th flu shot this season.

Parenting Tip #459

Luckily, not many people will watch the video is 48 minutes long and mostly shot with the camera pointing up-nostril.

Parenting Tip #460

My son came up with this #starwars joke when he was 6 years old and it’s still hilarious.


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