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Parenting Tips #461-470


This week in helpful parenting advice – youth sports, yoga teachers, visiting the grocery store and leftovers.

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Parenting Tip #461

Parenting Tip #462

But if you call it “me time,” it’s acceptable.

Or you can call it irony.

Parenting Tip #463

Feel free to scar your children this way as well.

Parenting Tip #464

Seriously, how much fun would this be for parents?

Ok, fine, it would traumatize most kids but THINK OF THE PARENTS!

Parenting Tip #465

Parenting Tip #466

The most important point to stress is “assholes never change but you can change the way you react to them.”

Parenting Tip #467

Sweethearts. Really.

Parenting Tip #468

Parenting Tip #469

Parents. Where are our fucking trophies?

Parenting Tip #470


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