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Parenting Tips #471-480


This time around, I talk about passing off my behavior to offspring, the pressure of the holidays, being forgetful and showing extra love to kids.

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Parenting Tip #471

And I love 100% of him.

Parenting Tip #472

Parenting Tip #473

They’re slowly raising a hoarder and that hoarder is me.

Parenting Tip #474

Toys? There’s a limit.

Art supplies or anything that promotes creativity? They can never have too much!

Parenting Tip #475

Parenting Tip #476

IT WAS AWFUL!!! I woke up in a cold sweat.

Parenting Tip #477

Parenting Tip #478

I don’t give out much advice but this is something I wanted to stress during the holidays.

Ask yourself this question – are you going crazy trying to make yourself happy or live up to expectations?

Make yourself happy.

Parenting Tip #479

Parenting Tip #480

You feel me on this note. I see you nodding your head.


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