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Parenting Tips #531-540


This week, I feed the kids crap so I can go to the gym and get healthy, I demand more from my fake help, and I drown in drinking cups.

In case you’ve been hibernating all winter, you’ve missed a ton of parenting tips.

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And now onto the newest notes…

Parenting Tip #531

Parenting Tip #532

Parenting Tip #533

It’s so hard to find good fake help these days!!

Parenting Tip #534

Parenting Tip #535

Highly recommended!!! explains one father, who is me.

Parenting Tip #536

I signed all our names to the letter.

(Side note – a few people comment about their unhappiness with me using the F-word on a note. To those people I say grow the fuck up.)

Parenting Tip #537

It bothers me as much as it freaks out the people at work that a grown man still says potty.

Let’s all just get over it.

Parenting Tip #538

“Dad, can we stop listening to Mambo #5 over and over?!?!”


Parenting Tip #539

Why you gotta rub it in, Netflix?!?!?

Parenting Tip #540

This is an exaggeration. I dont think about it for longer than a second.

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