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This Mother’s Day…

Ive met several people during my morning deliveries for the bakery.


I’ve met several people during my morning deliveries for the bakery.

I consider these people my work friends. I see them every morning. I’ve built a specific rapport.

We know a little about the lives of one another beyond our hospitality work based on thirty-second conversations over the last six months.

Though I’m sure they’re fantastic people, wed probably never hang out.

But you get slightly attached to one another. These baristas are as much a part of my day as the guy who orders a medium coffee in a large cup or the woman who butchers the word croissant to such a degree that she could one day find herself in a war with the entire country of France.

One such friend is a barista at a coffee shop who I got to know for longer than half a minute after she offered a cup of coffee about a month ago on a morning where it probably looked as though I needed caffeine through intravenous therapy.

I left her with my typical see you tomorrow farewell, and she explained she’d be gone all week. She was visiting her mother in Arizona.

That should be nice, I offered.

She opened up about her mom’s sickness and the bleak outlook.

I wished her safe travels and the best wishes to her mom, and when she returned to work a week later, she recalled how tough but necessary the visit ended up being for both women.

She’s working the espresso machine on my delivery this AM, and walking through the door I remember to ask if shes talked to her mom and about her health.

An empty coffee shop suddenly fell quieter.

Her mom passed on Wednesday.

Relationships are hard. All of them. Especially parent and child.

I don’t know your relationship with your mom.

Just for today, put differences aside.

Call her up. Go see her. Tell her that you love her.

No matter the past there’s one undeniable truth.

Without her, there would be no you.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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